Inner Smile Meditation: A Powerful Taoist Meditation Technique

In fact, the idea of focusing “smiling energy” has been the cornerstone of meditative practices since ancient times. With the advent of modern research, such psychologists as Robert Zajonc have made significant advances toward scientifically explaining how the physical act of smiling affects humans biologically, emotionally, and socially. Since Zajonc’s groundbreaking findings in 1989, scientists […]

Meditation for Stress Relief – Benefits and Types of Meditation

To help your body combat stress, you need to stimulate your body’s natural relaxation response. You can achieve this by simply practicing certain relaxation techniques, including deep breathing, rhythmic exercise, yoga, and meditation. Meditation for stress relief is a very simple, fast, and effective way to reduce stress levels. This method can wipe away your […]

Learn the Twenty-Minute Meditation to Combat Depression!

By the time you have finished reading this post you are a big step closer of using meditation to combat depression. But first things first – let´s talk a bit about depression. Long-term clinical depression is a mental condition that is serious, and usually requires the help of a counselor or therapist. For those who […]

Meditate to Make Changes – 3 Meditation Techniques

Meditation helps to train the minds of the practitioners. It is the practice to have mental awareness and deep focus. The art of meditation lies on the accurate practice of the meditation techniques. The different types of techniques most of the times emphasizes on the individual’s goals. These days meditation has been seen as the […]

5 Simple Ways to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

Getting anxious about something can be harmful to one’s health. In fact, some people are known to suffer from anxiety disorders, which greatly affected their health and well-being. Anxiety can never be prevented since we are all bombarded with various tasks all throughout the day. However, it can be reduced. Here are five helpful ways […]

How to Use Meditation for Stress Management

There is a good reason why so many people are turning to meditation nowadays. Our lives are becoming increasingly stressful, and it isn’t always easy to let go of the worries and difficulties that come with living in the modern world. We tend to work longer hours than we ever have done before, and even […]