8 Ways To Relax Without Feeling Guilty

It is a fact that you will perform better and feel less exhausted if you take some time off from your regular routine. However, many people feel awkward and embarrassed about taking a rest from their regular schedule, even if it results to feeling more stressed out. The competitive world makes people try all available […]

How To Relax Before A Big Presentation: Special Tips And Techniques

Performing, presenting, and/or speaking in front of a crowd can be difficult. Some presenters suffer from performance anxiety, experiencing symptoms like rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, difficulty with breathing, and nausea before they go on stage. These symptoms can affect one’s presentation, causing him or her to mess up and give a bad impression to the […]

7 Effective Relaxation Exercises To Relieve Mental Tensions (Videos)

Most people try to relieve mental tensions by watching movies or eating a lot of food after a busy day at work. But doing these kinds of activities will not eliminate most of the damaging effects related to mental tensions. To get rid of mental tensions, you have to trigger your body’s relaxation response. Mental […]

11 Evening Relaxation Techniques – Improve You Evening Ritual To Deal With Daily Stress

Stress is a constant part of everyday life. The overwhelming feeling of needing to do so much and having too much on the mind can elicit physical and emotional reactions causing stress and anxiety. The body’s response of increasing the rate of respiration, heartbeat and pulse, hormonal production, and muscle tension can have an effect […]

9 Tips On Finding Balance Between Work And Relaxation

In this day and age, everybody works hard and it seems like finding balance between work and relaxation can be a challenge – there are different things that should be taken care of such as concerns associated with personal relationships, career, finances and even physical and mental health. This is why stress is very common […]

Why Relaxation Is Considered A Medicine

Everyone has their own views on the use of medicine and even their own interpretation of what medicine is. The dictionary definition of medicine varies from “the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease“ to “the art or science of restoring or preserving health due to a physical condition” which causes […]

12 Ways to Enjoy a Relaxing Grocery Shopping

While a lot of us maintain a weekly routine of grocery shopping. A lot of us find it really stressful and even dangerous to the pocket. Grocery shopping is an even more stressful activity during holidays, since you have to brave the traffic and the hordes of shoppers who also hit supermarkets. And this is […]

Finding Ways To Relax And Recharge Your Physical Batteries For A Long And Happy Life

Most of us live in a society that values and rewards the hard work that is necessary to achieve financial and social success. We often find ourselves in jobs that provide a fair amount of stress in our lives and take up most of our time leaving us a small window of opportunity to find […]