How Art and Color Can Affect Your Mood

A color can have a different impact on individuals depending on variables such as one’s ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender or age. Many businesses will decorate their offices these days in color schemes designed to inspire and motivate their workforce, whilst at home one might want to look for a warmer and more relaxing environment. How […]

How Different Interior Design Styles Affect Your Mood

Interior design styles range in colors and schemes, and what you decide for your home says a lot about your personality and will put you in a certain mood. Making your house into a home can include an assortment of decorating schemes from basic fabrics and bold colors to ornate furnishings and vibrant wall hangings. […]

Who Else Wants to Have a Stress Free Home Environment? Learn How to Make Your Home More Relaxing and Stress Free

It’s only common sense, that the house you live in and the space you live in – can effect your mood and elements of your lifestyle – such as your stress levels. In fact, for those of you reading that have ever stayed in a dodgy hotel room that was too cramped or too stuffy […]

Top Relaxing Indoor Plants You Should Grow

Relaxation is just a breath away when you cultivate an indoor garden. Bringing nature’s many benefits indoors is incredibly easy. Whether you have a green thumb or are a novice to the gardening world, simply use these few guidelines to start growing relaxing indoor plants to soothe your stress. Top Relaxing Indoor Plants You Should […]

Smart Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing

To understand what is required to redecorate a living space in order to promote relaxation, consider three aspects of decor: setting, lighting and color. The flooring type (part of the setting) and wall and ceiling colors initiate relaxation. Proper lighting displays your color choice. Setting – things like wall decor and furniture – sustains one’s […]

What are relaxing colors

Different colors have different meanings and they promote different feelings – some are relaxing colors and promote calmness, some aggressive colors and promote action. It is wise to choose colors based on your stage of life and coals that you want to achieve. Relaxing colors Here is a list of widely used colors that can […]