12 Healthy Habits For A Healthier Life

So many people struggle to live a healthier life because they’re under the impression that they have to make drastic changes in every aspect of their life. Forget about the over the top, intimidating goals of losing weight and getting healthy. The key to living a healthier life is to focus on making small changes […]

Top Health Benefits of Juicing At Home (and Healthy Home Juicing Recipes)

The health benefits of juicing at home have been touted for decades. If you’re among the many who still haven’t bought the right juicer yet, though, you’re not alone. There are some who still don’t understand the power a juicer can offer. Take a moment to learn a little more about the potential health benefits […]

Gardening for Stress Relief and Better Health – Live Better, Eat Better, Feel Better

Gardening is a really healthy hobby and it is great for stress relief as well; it involves physical activity and mental stimulation. Simply by going outside you are going to be improving your overall mood and even helping your body by getting additional vitamin D from the sun. In addition to providing critical vitamins sunlight […]

4 Bulletproof Ways to Improve Your Immune System Naturally

With the winter months coming fast, you are probably already working hard to avoid the seasonal spread of sniffles, coughs and stomach illnesses. Short of staying indoors all winter and avoiding people altogether, what can you do to avoid the bacteria and viruses all around you? You may have already stocked up on hand sanitizer […]

The Importance of Balancing Diet and Exercise

When you decide you want to lose weight, get in shape or just live a healthier life, it is all about finding the right balance. We all have different things happening in our lives and we are not all the same. Finding a balance between your diet and exercise can help you stay healthy and […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Water. Why Coconut Water Is Ideal For The Body?

Have you ever tried drinking coconut water? If not, then it’s about time you did. There’s a perfectly good reason why the coconut tree is called the tree of life and subsequently, the coconut as the fruit of life. Coconut can give the body lots of nutritional and health benefits that no other single fruit […]

5 Health Benefits of Going Green – Why Eco Living is Good for You

Everywhere you look these days; there is a new eco-friendly version of common household products to help people reduce their carbon footprint in everyday life. While an eco-lifestyle will certainly save natural resources and the environment, it also promotes good physical health and mental well being. Here are some great health benefits of going green. […]

Tips for a healthier life

Do you want to live longer and be able to enjoy the best of life without being a mess of yourself?  Here are a few tips for a healthier life in order for you to achieve a better outlook in life with added healthy years. 5 simple tips for healthier life 1. Get enough sleep […]