Mental Health Benefits Of Walking – Go For a Walk and Your Brain Will Benefit Greatly

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times that walking is excellent for the body for it is often called the “perfect exercise.” It may seem astonishing it how walking can be so energizing and revitalizing to one’s body. In addition, mental health benefits of walking such as uplifting your confidence and regulating your mood have […]

No Shoes Needed: The Truth Behind Barefoot Running

According to the skeletal biology lab at Harvard University there is simply no doubt about it: barefoot people can run with ease on some of the hardest surfaces in the world without experiencing any discomfort from landing. With the possible disadvantages of running barefoot no longer appearing as an issue, the myriad of advantages can be […]

How about walking barefoot – benefits you don´t want to miss!

As you are reading this article, you are most probably among the 20% of the population wearing shoes daily. It´s true, shoes are irreplaceable in the modern world, but we encourage you to also think about walking barefoot. Benefits to your mind and body explained below might surprise you. Thinking About Walking Barefoot – 5 […]