7 Up And 4 Downsides Of Talking To Yourself Out Loud

Talking to yourself out loud is simply having a conversation…with yourself, that is. This activity is very common among children. You would see and hear them explaining to themselves what they are doing, mumbling words only they can hear or sometimes, even having a question and answer session, with no one but themselves. Adults are […]

7 Practical Ways To Deal With Emotional Stress

The events, experiences and changes that we encounter everyday are the causes of stress that wear us out. In our world today, stress comes easily when a person is facing problems concerning family, relationships, money, and everyday work. Stress can also be emotional and psychological when the event that a person undergoes is so traumatic and […]

7 Ways to Develop a Positive Mindset – Great Techniques for Creating a More Positive You

In today’s world, it can be difficult to stay calm, positive and optimistic. Our society is fast-paced and driven by the pressure to succeed and do an unreasonable number of things at once and the desire for instant gratification. Despite the negativity in our society, we can develop a positive mindset and thrive rather than […]

Instant Calm – 7 Fast & Fun Ways to Lower Stress Instantly

Train delayed again, internet crashed at a vital moment, tight deadline at work, not to mention the pile of unopened bills on your doormat; it’s going to be another one of ‘those days’. When life feels like an uphill struggle get back on track by following these 7 tried and tested tips to lower stress […]

How To Relax After A Scary Movie

Can We Master Or Control Our Fear? Fear is an instinct that is difficult to master or control. A scary movie can sometimes be too daunting. It can leave a permanent imprint in your mind. Relaxing after a scary movie is very important. Else, you are going to have a tough time competing the fears. […]

Gardening for Stress Relief and Better Health – Live Better, Eat Better, Feel Better

Gardening is a really healthy hobby and it is great for stress relief as well; it involves physical activity and mental stimulation. Simply by going outside you are going to be improving your overall mood and even helping your body by getting additional vitamin D from the sun. In addition to providing critical vitamins sunlight […]

Help Ourselves by Helping Others – the Positive Benefits of Helping Others

Helping others in need by volunteering our time and talent is not only good thing for someone else, it brings a positive attitude and better outlook on our own life. Helping others can be a very rich experience, which can add fulfillment and peace. In addition, the positive benefits of helping others include lower risk […]

The Best Ways to Relax Your Mind – 3 Effective Mind Relaxation Tips We Tend to Forget

When you are all packed up during the week because of your job where the competition is solid and productivity is assessed under a microscope, obviously, you would need to relax your mind. A good weekend of fun that is far beyond the reach of your deadlines that are creeping into your psyche like zombies […]

Simple Ways to Relax Your Mind and Body

In your day to day life, you usually encounter stressful and difficult situations. Hence, it is important that you know of simple ways to relax your mind and body. Almost everyone has felt frustrated, confused, angry, worried, and stressed at some point. You should not allow these feelings to take control of your life. There […]