Relieve Back Pain, Headache, Stiff Neck, Wrist Pain, and Balance Your Mind

Learn simple relaxation exercises and self massage techniques that will help you to live a pain-free and balanced life.

Thank you for sharing this great knowledge. I am Microsoft Excel trainer, I always sit behind the computer to solve Excel problem and develop material for my corporate clients and I usually sit for more than an hour or more and therefore developed pain on the shoulder and back, so when I tried out the technique, I find it truly helped reduce the pain in just a few minutes. Thank you.

Kent Lau

You can go directly to the part you want/need. Very clear instructions and instantly applicable. It works!

Marcelo Acosta Cavalero

Well organized. Provides massage and acupressure info on a lot more than just back pain and headache.

Dean DiGregorio

Good Relaxation Online Courses


Anyone who has ever experienced a headache, even once in their lives, should know these exercises. Here are 14 truly effective techniques for the relief of headaches.

If you don’t have a lot of time, exercises 1 and 5 will help. The first you can do while washing your hair, for example; while the second you can do while sitting in a meeting.

If you work with a computer, tension in the eyes could be one cause of headaches. Exercises 3, 12 and 13 will definitely be of help.

However, if the thoughts that are constantly running through your mind are giving you a headache or not allowing you to sleep, exercise 7 is guaranteed to help.

Thousands of people have been helped by these exercises. They’re sure to provide you with relief from headaches, too.

Special Massage Points for Relieving Headaches and Tensions in the Head

Lesson 1: Relieving the pain – the most important point for relieving headaches 4:15

Lesson 2: A simple head massage 2:24

Lesson 3: Cosmetic facial massage (14 short exercises) 9:13

Lesson 4: Reducing the tension in eyes – sun points 1:51

Lesson 5: Relieving headaches and tension in the head – the egg exercise 2:04

Lesson 6: Winter energy massage 3:08

Lesson 7: Stopping the thoughts 2:09

Lesson 8: A special spot for relieving headaches 1:55

Lesson 9: Improving the blood flow in the skin on your face 1:05

Lesson 10: Shiny face balls 1:05

Lesson 11: Relieving problems with hearing and tinnitus 2:26

Lesson 12: Effective exercise for the eyes 4:02

Lesson 13: Relieving the tension in your eyes in the office 1:24

Lesson 14: Avoiding a cold – a nose massage for the winter 1:19

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If you sit in front of a computer day in, day out, at some point it’s going to cause you significant pain. These simple exercises will save you from the worst of it.

Here are 15 effective relaxation techniques and self-massage exercises. They’ll help reduce lower-back pain and improve both blood and energy circulation in the lumbar region.

There’s even an exercise for those who can’t be bothered doing exercises! If you try exercise 2 you’ll hardly have to do anything at all, but the results will impress you – as if the tension in your back is alleviating itself.

Try it and you won’t be disappointed. That’s guaranteed.

Simple Techniques for Relieving Tensions in the Lower Back

Lesson 1: The lower back tension-releasing astronaut exercise 1:29

Lesson 2: An exercise for soothing back tension for those too lazy to do exercises 1:24

Lesson 3: The easiest exercise for releasing tension in the lower back 0:59

Lesson 4: Releasing tension in the lower back while sitting down 1:53

Lesson 5: Relieving tension caused by sitting for long periods of time 1:18

Lesson 6: Self massage to release tension in the lower back 4:58

Lesson 7: A massage to release tension in the lower back with tennis balls 3:57

Lesson 8: Releasing tension in the lower back – rolling 1:19

Lesson 9: Relieving tension in the lower back 1:10

Lesson 10: The best way to release back tension – the goldfish 1:44

Lesson 11: The best relief for back tension – therapeutic back exercise 2:51

Lesson 12: Relieving lower back pains – dynamic lumbar massage 2:45

Lesson 13: Relieving tension in the lower back and lessening the stiffness of the lower back 3:51

Lesson 14: A lumbar massage to strengthen the kidneys in the winter 5:02

Lesson 15: Improving the energy circulation in the lower back 2:43


These exercises are mainly designed to relieve muscle tension in the upper back. However, they’ll also help you open up the energy channels in your back – activating the circulation of energy when you get up in the morning or after a hard day at the office.

Better circulation of energy in turn boosts your immune system, improves your mood and brings a sparkle to your eye!

Effective Relaxation and Massage Techniques for Relieving Tensions in the Upper Back

Lesson 1: A very effective upper back massage lying down 5:52

Lesson 2: Relieving tension in the upper back – eights to the sides 1:19

Lesson 3: Energy exercise for relieving tension in the upper back 1:53

Lesson 4: Shoulder circles to relieve upper back tension 1:28

Lesson 5: The windmill, to help wake up your body in the morning 2:03

Lesson 6: Windmill 2 – cleansing the lungs 1:17

Lesson 7: Windmill 3 – relieving tension in the upper back 2:18

Lesson 8: Releasing the tension in the shoulder blade area – swinging bamboo 1:51

Lesson 9: Releasing tension in the arms and upper back – the shake 1:53

Lesson 10: Relieving tension in the upper back and back – shoulder circles 2:01

Lesson 11: A special method for relieving tension in the upper back – the dragging technique 2:40

Lesson 12: If there is already too much tension in the upper back 1:39

Lesson 13: The special place to relieve tension in the upper back 2:07

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Here you’ll find 12 incredibly effective exercises that anyone who works with a computer should be obliged to know.

Tension in the wrists, cold hands or feet, cramps… These are just some of the problems associated with seated work. Thankfully, there’s no need for you to worry! Here’s a selection of effective exercises that will help you avoid health problems and live a pain-free life.

Exercises for Improving Blood Circulation and Relieving Pain in Hands and Feet

Lesson 1: An exercise to relieve tension in feet and activate the immune system 2:59

Lesson 2: Improving the energy circulation in hands and feet 5:25

Lesson 3: The gentle morning wake up call, an exercise to activate the circulation in the feet 2:02

Lesson 4: Relieving tension in the wrists 2:04

Lesson 5: Relieving wrist pains (part 1) 1:27

Lesson 6: Relieving wrist pains (part 2) 2:06

Lesson 7: Relieving wrist pains (part 3) 0:45

Lesson 8: An exercise for relieving tension in feet 1:01

Lesson 9: Relieving tension and pain in hands – boxing 1:34

Lesson 10: The best exercise to soothe tension and pain in arms 3:08

Lesson 11: An exercise for improving blood circulation in hands and feet 1:38

Lesson 12: Exercise for improving the blood flow to knees and feet 2:16


Starting today, stress, sadness, bad moods and depression are a thing of the past! Here are 12 exercises that will save you from feeling down and lacking energy.

Do even one of these exercises for at least 10 minutes a day for a couple of days and you’ll see how the life force flows back into your body and boosts your energy levels.

If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, try exercise 12. It’s helped thousands of people and is sure to help you, too.

If, on the other hand, you have trouble waking up in the morning, exercise 5 is sure to be of help.

If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself!

Exercises for Balancing Your Body and Mind

Lesson 1: Simple greeting of the sun 1:48

Lesson 2: An exercise to relieve depression (part 1) 2:04

Lesson 3: An exercise to relieve depression (part 2) 0:59

Lesson 4: A breathing exercise – how to bring more energy into your body – udzai 1:59

Lesson 5: An exercise to help you get up fast in the morning 0:53

Lesson 6: Special spots on the body for relieving allergies (part 1) 0:54

Lesson 7: Special spots on the body for relieving allergies (part 2) 1:07

Lesson 8: If the body has been affected by the wind 2:05

Lesson 9: The best medicine for stress 2:47

Lesson 10: The energetic body massage 2:38

Lesson 11: Balancing the water and fire elements 2:16

Lesson 12: The evening exercise for relaxing 2:32


If your neck is stiff from exposure to wind or a stressful day at work, the following exercises will save you from the worst of it. Here are some exercises that masseurs themselves use to relieve their own muscle tension.

Did you know that muscle tension and circulation problems in the neck can be a cause of memory problems?

Great Exercises for a Stiff Neck

Lesson 1: An exercise for a stiff neck 1:15

Lesson 2: An even more effective neck self massage 1:35

Lesson 3: Wind damage to the neck! Learn how to war up your neck area 1:26

Lesson 4: Releasing neck tension through dynamic stretching 4:48

Lesson 5: Releasing muscle tension on the sides of the neck 1:22

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Your Self Massage and Relaxation Coach

Hi, I am Toomas Õunap - your self massage and relaxation coach. For years I have been massaging people, instructing different yoga groups and worked as a physiotherapist.

Past 12 years I have carried out many different courses and training sessions. Most known of these are: "How to Release Tension from Different Areas of the Body Yourself", "The Art of Relaxation", "Self-Massage Courses", "Do-In Self-Massage Courses", "A Short Introduction to Acupuncture", "The Basics of Improving Your Memory" and "Be the Master of Your Stress Relief."

I participated in the "Stress and Work Healthcare" programmes of several banks and insurance companies as an expert and internal adviser.

I have taught thousands of people during various training sessions and seminars on how to relax different areas of the body themselves. I would like to introduce you to some of those techniques and exercises.

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    These courses are meant for you, if you work in an office, have tension in your upper back or neck, feel tension or pain in the middle back or lumbar area, if you get tired by the evening or have a weak immune system. The more tension there is in your body, the faster you get tired, the weaker your immune system is, and the more imbalances there are in your body, for example headaches. These courses includes techniques for relaxing all the major tension areas.

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